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These are sites by or about Native Americans, they are useful as tools for information seekers, reference sites, and general information.  There are many, many , more.  If you would like yours displayed, please write me.  I would like to add a page for Native American Crafts, but you must be a member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association.

In no particular order… is perhaps the penultimate website for researching Indian literature, especially children’s literature for authenticity and stereotyping.  The contributors are Native Americans from many different tribes and nations.

Native American author Joseph Bruchac’s Web site: (a wonderful site that contains all kinds of great stuff!)

Crow legends:

Near Fort McLeod, in Alberta, Canada, Head-Smashed-In is an ancient Indian site for driving buffalo over a cliff to kill them.  The site has great videos and a virtual tour to see the site:

Here’s a great website about Miracle, the sacred white buffalo calf on a farm near Janesville,Wisconsin.  Although she has passed away, the site is open for prayer.   The white buffalo is the most sacred of animals to the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Indian tribes (Sioux).  “Mitakuye Oyasin”  We are all related in the Sacred Hoop of Life.

A tribe, which stretches from Minnesota through Wisconsin into Canada and Michigan, the Ojibwa, also known as the Chippewa, have a very nice website for kids seeking information on their language and culture.  The site has historical photos alongside modern photos.  It is written in a very straightforward manner and is great for children desiring more information.

Formerly known as the Winnebago, the Ho-Chunk Nation has a very nice site explaining their history.  The site is valuable for the other links it provides, and would be a great help to children.

The Ho-Chunk Nation are also the proud stewards of the Wisconsin River and Wisconsin Dells.

American Indians in Children’s Literature – Debbie Reese does book reviews for Oyate and on her own site:

The Armed Forces Information Service (AFIS), created a page to honor the American Indians who serve in our military presently and their contributions to the present day military.  The site also contains historical information about notable Indians and their contributions to our country.

My very favorite Native American information site.  This is an extremely well done site, with tons of information and lots of downloadable or copiable stories for Storytelling.  I am a site supporter and urge you to do so, too. is a great site for many interesting facts about Native American Tribes.

California State Parks site for Grinding Stone State Park – surely a great excuse to go to California!

Travel Montana site for the Crow Fair coming up in August!

DLTK-kids is a website for parents, teachers, librarians – anyone who wants to print out templates and coloring pages.  Very useful and fun!

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